Ghetto prom

Ghetto prom girls in Bulgaria, 2012

They say that prom is one of the things to die for and the ghetto prom – an event to look forward to! Nobody would ever miss out on this auspicious occasion filled with enviable activities and memories. It is an opportunity to show what you have ranging from looks, design and even material possessions. Some of the most hyped and supped up cars will be available for just this event. Boys and girls will clad in some of the most hilarious, outstanding and mind blogging designs to ever grace planet earth. Ghetto prom has become one of the most anticipated and celebrate theme among the teens around the world but mostly in the Western countries. Due to the hype and fun associated with this event, ,it has become a must go for many teens. When compared to other traditional themed proms, the ghetto prom is more enterprising and relaxed.

What is Ghetto prom?

The term ghetto prom is basically an astonishingly unique idea which in time has turned out to become trendy. The principles behind the concept focus on being unique in standards. You have to be original but not to the society’s level or standard. The term has been used by some schools for their prom parties. There are also urban and inner city schools which use the term due to their location and demographics. The fact that such ghetto students have a limited budget drives them to be unique and creative in their attire design. Ghetto prom is a child of this theme and has transpired to become a cool and much awaited occasion.

Elements of Ghetto Prom

Ghetto prom is a really magnanimous occasion that you would consider attending. If you want to experience fashion in its craziest and totally cool form, amazing decorations and music, then you need to make it to this event! There are outstanding elements available at each of these events which may include what to wear and other enhancing elements including music, decoration and photos. Looking at each of these:

Fashion Wear

It is said that at ghetto prom, anything is acceptable. Cross-cutting fashion designs which at most instances are revealing and challenge the level of decency. Some of the popular fashion wear include sporty attires, hip-hop fashion and other personal creations. The basic lie in having a unique attire which presents your individual style. Some of the enhancements to that incredible dress or shorts may include bling, logo, fake tattoos and other hilarious hairstyles.


Dancing is a significant element of prom and the ghetto prom is no different. It helps transform your prom into something.


Photos are very essential to ensure that the memories are engraved in mind and prints. In the ghetto prom, it is essential to have an area setup to take candid photos.


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